Site hosted by Build your free website today! are going to be shocked at how easy it is to remove a bath tub drain when you see this video.  This one of a kind tub removal tool does all the heavy lifting for you.  You will see how sturdy and truly revolutionary this tool is and the potential it has to save you countless hours if you remove tub drains as a plumber every day or if you are just a do it yourself handy man that wants to save the money it would cost to hire someone.  In many cases landlords or those that own property or manage rental apartments have saved countless hours and ton of frustration when it comes to fixing a nasty drain that just won’t come lose.

Bathtub Drain Removal

A tough bath tub drain can be frustrating!  If you have ever removed a drain that has been in place for years then you already know this.  This video shows how you can remove and fix the most difficult bathtub drains, with a simple tool called a master extractor and a common ratchet.  With a simple but yet effect tub drain removal tool you can quickly and easily remove the most difficult bath tub drains, regardless of who you are.  In this video you will see how you only need a few minutes to remove the tub drain strainer and then insert the tub drain removal tool and within a matter of a couple minutes you have the bath tub drain removed and you have saved tons of time.  This bath tub drain removal tool we make the hard stubborn drains that have not been removed for years quickly and easily unscrew.  If you have a tough drain and you want to know how to remove a tub drain then save yourself hours of frustration by watching this tub drain removal video.

In this demonstration video you will see how you can quickly replace the tub drain, as you watch the video you will see that it was for demonstration purposes and time was not taken to clean around the drain or the normal things a plumber would do to protect the tub in the process.  So if you have a tub drain that is giving you problems or if you replace or remove bath tub drains every month then you will want this special tool the master extractor to cut hours and frustration out of your day, you deserve to make you tub removal jobs easier and save time in the process.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video to see how we quickly and easily demonstrate the removal of a tub drain and how you can see yourself doing the same thing… no joke it really is that easy!

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